Meet Our Team

Meet the person responsible for your awesome (or maybe not so awesome) experiences here at Disruptive Strength and Conditioning!

The disruptive brand came about as a result of one of those stupid facebook posts where people ask for a one word description of themselves. Brandon posed a question to his friends and one answer in particular stood out. It said, “let me take you to breakfast and I’ll tell you what I think.” Not being one to pass up free food, Brandon accepted the invitation. About halfway through the meal, the philosopher across the table said, “My one word for you is disruptive.” And it was right then that the disruptive brand was born.

It’s one of Brandon’s greatest joys in life to ask why. In fact, it’s one of the things he’s best at doing. It’s also kind of annoying that he never made it past 3 years old. But when someone really starts asking why, it’s pretty disruptive. Why do you do what you do? Why do you not do what you don’t do? See? It’s enough to make your head spin.

Thanks for joining us on this disruptive journey aka life where the only constant is change and holding on too tightly leads to more jarring disruptions!

Brandon Simpson

The Professor

Brandon is a strength and nutrition coach with the heart of a teacher. While lots of gurus pretend to hold the secret to progress, he wants to teach you how to train and make smart food choices for yourself. In fact, the goal is always to work himself out of a job as he prepares you to take over as your own coach in the future. If you feel like eating is a black box experiment, then you need a teacher to show you what works and why. If you have tried all kinds of popular diets, programs, and supplement subscriptions only to return to your previous weight at the end of a diet, you need a coach who can guide you to a sustainable lifestyle. If knowing why is just as important to you as being given a program, reach out to Brandon today.